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Hey - I'm Tom, the creator, builder, and owner of the Oak and Spore mushroom farm. 

I've built two highly profitable mushroom farms. The first in my 2-car garage at our residential property, and the second, a purpose built facility on a 4 hectare block of land tucked into the Canterbury countryside.

I've learnt a lot about farming mushrooms, lessons I can teach you!

We went from a 2-car garage from producing $100k+ to a small commercial farm producing $250k+.

Our financial goal for 2023 is $400k+!

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Access to our library of 30+ videos specific to mushroom farming profit, PLUS exclusive content.

Get the Oak and Spore farm complete revenue calculator

Use the same tool Oak and Spore used to plan their farm expansion

30+ custom filmed videos

We have been through the challenge of figuring things out. Learn from us and save yourself self countless hours!

Not selling kits? You can double your farmers market income in 4 weeks!

Take a look at the income potential from selling ready-to-fruit grow kits. Easy to produce with amazing margins. 

Instantly understand if you can make your own farm financially viable

Learn how Oak and Spore generate their income, and use that to plan your own income

See how we make money 

Supermarkets can adsorb big sales. Plan for supermarket sales, and you're planning for big income

Learn how much all the inputs cost!

Get a comprehensive breakdown of the cost of goods sold. Know exactly how much it costs to grow 1kg of mushrooms. It's less than you think!

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Access to the private Facebook group

Ask questions and get advice for any simple or technical questions you have!

Weekly questions answered live!

Sometimes it's easier to talk through a complex (or fairly simple) problem. Selected questions will be answered weekly!


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Get the Oak and Spore Architectural Concept

Take a look at the building concept for the Oak and Spore farm. Use our successful farm to help plan your own!
Infinite value! 

Get a copy of the laboratory analysis of unused and spent mushroom substrate

These tests cost over $260 to have completed independently!

Oak and Spore steam generator blueprint

Save money and get your own steam generator manufactured with our steam generator blueprint
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Get a 60% moisture content calculator

done it, you'll do it, never let a batch go to waste because you didn't add enough water.. 

Get the PID wiring schematics

This is how we wire our 4.5kw steam boiler PID controller.  
$39 value!

We save cost by importing in bulk from China. 

I will show you how I import growing bags from China, at a cheaper rate than buying them directly from a manufacturer in the USA. 

Want to see the course content? Take a look!

Module 1 - Course introduction

Get an overview of the course, how to input data into our calculator, take a look at your own goals, and download the content you need.

  • About your instructor
  • How to input data
  • What are your farm goals
  • What is 'Gross Profit'
  • Gross profit calculator
  • Oak and Spore Architectural Concept
  • PID wiring schematics
  • Scientific substrate reports
  • Steam boiler blueprint
  • Moisture content calculator
Module 2 - Inputs

Here we look at the inputs and costs associated with producing each substrate block. Substrate blocks = yield = revenue, so it helps to get it right from the start!

  • Spawn
  • Bulk substrate
  • Lats talk gypsum
Module 3 - Cost of Goods Sold (COGS)

Cost of goods sold, also knows as COGS, is an important part of any business. You need to know what ti cost to make each sale. From these costs you can calculate gross profit. 

  • Restaurant variables
  • Farmers market variables
  • Retail variables
  • Retail label design requirements
 Module 4 - Other variables

Growing mushrooms profitably isn't as easy as you might think, and it's easy to get something wrong and loose money, fast. A mistake in the beginning could mean disaster six months down the line. Get the foundations correct, so you know what to expect.

  • Bag weight
  • Wood/soy percent, or carbon nitrogen ratio
  • Spawn percent
  • Yeild
  • Farmers market / retail punnet weight
  • Kg production : M2 fruiting room space ratio
  • Blocks per M2 of incubation ratio
  • Expected wastage
  • Labour
  • Sales tax
Module 5 - Income

Income is the driving force behind wanting to grow mushrooms. Without income, it simply becomes an expensive hobby. Take a look at he income potential from different avenues. 

  • Restaurant sales income
  • Market sales income
  • Retail sales income
  • Grow block sales
  • Spent substrate sales
  • How to secure an easy $5000 client
Module 6 - Production requirements 

 If you have a goal set for grow ing mushrooms, it helps to get an idea of the production requirements needed to meet these goals. 

  • Price per KG (or lb)
  • Production requirements
  • Facility requirements
  • Gross income

Bonus Modules

We buy bulk substrate bags from China, and land them at our door cheaper than it costs to buy directly from a manufacturer in the USA... About 20% cheaper...

  • Part 1 - Cost of Importing
  • Part 2 - Benefits and Risks of importing from China
  • Part 3 - Hot to Import from China

A message from our farm to yours 

The Oak and Spore mushroom farm has been operating since 2018, and we have learnt a lot on that time. Not only that, but we have grown each quarter since the start.

We have put this course together to help people who want to start their own farm, and want to see what we do on ours. It's not rocket science, it's simply growing and selling mushrooms. But each mistake you make is going to cost money, time, and will edge your farm closer to failure. Prevent failure from happening by learning by someone who's been there before. 

I have made the mistakes, and so I hope you don't have to make those same mistakes.

- Tom Brain

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With our farm profit calculator

You can successfully forecast your income from farming mushrooms

With our calculator you can look at revenue generated from,

  • Farmers market mushroom sales
  • Restaurant mushroom sales
  • Retail mushroom sales (huge income potential)
  • Grow block sales 
  • Even spent substrate sales!

You will show you all the major methods of earning income, and show you how much you need to grow, for how much gross profit you want to earn. 

Learn from a successful business, and decrease your chances of failure. Enroll today!

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Mushroom Growing Masterclass Mentorship


This is our 3 month 1-on1 and master class mentorship

  • 3 months of 1-on-1 business coaching with Tom Brain of Oak and Spore
  • Comprehensive Guidance: Learn from an experienced and successful mushroom farmer, whose knowledge will help the success of your farm.
  • Business Mentorship: Receive advice on marketing, pricing, and selling your products to maximize profits.
  • Technical Troubleshooting support: Get expert guidance on diagnosing and addressing common issues in mushroom cultivation.

The Oak and Spore mushroom farm started in a 2 car garage and has grown revenue year on year. Oak and Spore products are now stocked at over 100 stores nationwide in New Zealand. 


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"One reason people succeed, is that they have the knowledge other people don't"